Looking for a simple, no faff program to help you structure the next 12 weeks of your fitness?


Designed after 1000’s of hours working with online and 1-2-1 clients, and backed by science, this guide is designed to help you succeed in the gym.

What do you get:

The Training Guide

12 week training program covering multiple training methods and energy systems to improve your fitness and boost your muscle gain.

  • Using 5 distinct phases we will build a solid foundation and progress you through a strength training program, step by step.
  • Weeks 1-4 start with General Preparation, which means building the foundations of your workout routine and preparing your body for the next stage.
  • Weeks 5-6 we Progress the exercises and solidify our gym routine and habits
  • Week 7-8 we move into training splits of upper, lower and core.  This allows us to Strengthen and Condition areas with more intensity.
  • Week 9-10 this is where we focus on Hypertrophy and begin to build that muscle.  Now that doesn’t mean you will be competing on stage!  It means that this is where you start to truly sculpt the shape you want.
  • Week 11-12 We get strong! 
  • A jargon buster to help you understand common terms such as ‘supersets’, ‘hypertrophy’ and ‘metabolic conditioning’

This is a gym-based programme so you’ll need access to a gym, but it uses MINIMAL equipment to prevent waiting and make the program as accessible as possible. Dumbbells, barbel and cable machine are all that is needed, which means that almost any gym, even those hotel gyms, should be able to accommodate you.

The Nutrition

I am a huge fan of INTUITIVE EATING, but to do this effectively, you need to understand the basics of nutrition and how food is used by the body. 

This guide won’t tell you what to eat, or when, but is designed to educate you, so you can make informed decisions for yourself about your food intake.

  • calories and the importance of the energy balance.
  • Macros  – What they are, what they do and how to use them to your advantage
  • Supplement guide to help you decide what, if any, supplements you need to perform at your best.

The idea of this is to help you use food effectively to help you reach your goals whether that is weight loss, muscle gain or just feeling healthier!

The Community

I am a total introvert and love training alone, but there is nothing better than having an army of people behind you on the same mission as you! 

  • Filled with people to help and inspire you along the way
  • Filled with resources from recipes to workout videos
  • A place to go when you have questions about anything to help you cut through the confusion of the fitness and nutrition world

Who is it for:

  • People who have a gym membership but don’t feel like they are getting the best out of it
  • People who feel unsure of themselves and want to build their confidence in the weights section
  • People who are really trying but feel stuck with their progress.
  • People who want a clear and progressive structure to their activity in the gym.
  • People who want to learn more about correct form and training techniques.
  • People who want to know the facts about nutrition and reset their relationship with food.
  • People who feel they are sabotaging themselves, but don’t even know how
  • People who need daily inspiration and support to stick to their own goals.

How much is it?:

  • £35 with no ongoing costs – thats less than the price of one PT session!

Bonus Extra!

  • The EMPWR app: Download the app for guided workouts complete with tutorial videos and descriptions.  Log your workouts and track your progress…all straight from your phone.

Who am I?

  • Leanne, qualified Personal Trainer and former Biomedical Scientist: A big believer that if it’s not fun, you’re not doing it right!  Head over to my about page if you’re nosy, or just follow me on Instagram!

Ready to do this?  Lets Go!