“I believe that when a woman is happy in her own skin and her body, she can follow her dreams with confidence and become a powerful source of change in the world”

Sami is an holistic skin care expert, certified herbalist and aromatherapist.  She is the driving force of passion behind the product line Freyaluna, which has evolved into Love Yourself Naturally, an online sanctuary of holistic natural skincare advice, information and recipes to help women navigate their skincare issues.  All of the Freyaluna products are handmade in Wales with no added chemicals or preservatives and are designed to not only look good, feel good and smell good, but to also do good! Every single product has beneficial skin care properties that support the skins natural processes and now she has launched the Fresh Face Initiative to run alongside her Freyaluna products. A 6 week program to improve your skin from the inside out and the outside in, the Fresh Face Initiative will leave you in control of your own health and the health of your skin through small changes…one step at a time!

Sami has been in the skincare industry for 10 years after battling her own skin problems and is passionate about the role women play in today’s society, and how we can make life better for women everywhere.

“I’ve made it my personal mission to reach out to you lovely ladies and to provide you with the information and support you need to get through this bit of your life {dealing with a skincare issue/problem}. I know you’re feeling down. I know it’s hard. And I know it feels oh so unfair. But rest assured, I know what you’re going through – I’ve been there, and at Love Yourself Naturally, you’re amongst friends”

Once Sami had gotten her skincare routine sorted, through a process of trial and error she discovered some basic steps to getting clear skin for life, involving a whole being approach.  Eating healthily, the best skincare products and regime, reducing stress, and balancing her hormones in a natural way.  Its this understanding of health and happiness being a unique balance of lifestyle, nutrition, and fitness for you as an individual, that makes Sami a perfect fit for the Neon Life team. She has made it her mission to help women to take control of their own skin issues, heal their skin, and love what they see in the mirror. We couldn’t be happier to have this lovely lady as part of the team!

To work with Sami, please fill in a contact sheet and she will be in touch shortly!