Fruit, Veg and Berry blends
Fruit, Veg and Berry blends


If you want your body to work to the best of its ability, it needs a wide range of valuable nutrients. So you need to eat a balanced diet that includes a varied selection of fresh fruits and vegetables. This is not always easy to do in the modern world and that’s where Juice Plus comes in. These products flood your body with high quality nutrients that work in synergy and help make you healthier from the inside out on a cellular level.

Our Premium Capsules help to bridge the gap to better nutrition and have helped thousands of people around the world become healthier, from busy mums, and athletes to business travelers and the older active generation. They cause a ripple effect in your body through metabolic programming helping you crave better foods, drink more water and take up healthier habits.  There are numerous studies to show further positive effects such as improved skin, hair and nails, immunity, and heart health. Due to the cellular nature of their action, the capsules are supplied in 4 month supplies with a payment plan available.

Our Complete Shakes are used as part of a healthy balanced diet and depending on which program you are on, will determine how we recommend they are used. Not only can they be used as a quick, easy & nutritious meal replacement but they also act as a pre and post workout shake to aid performance & recovery. Sold in batches of 90 servings, payment plan available.

Juice Plus+ is whole food based nutrition, incorporating the juice from 27 different fruits, vegetables berries and grains. Not a multivitamin, medicine, treatment or cure for any disease, Juice Plus+ is an all-natural raw, whole food supplement, made from quality non GMO ingredients, carefully monitored from farm to capsule so you can enjoy improved nutrition and wellness.  The fruit and veg is locally grown, picked when ripe, every part of the food is juiced including the skins and avocado stones to give maximum nutrition. This juice is then dried at low temperatures to maintain nutrient integrity and encapsulated for convenience.

It’s a simple, practical & affordable way to add more nutrition from fruit & vegetables to our diet, every day. Juice PLUS+ is not a substitute for eating more fruits & vegetables but it certainly helps to bridge the gap between what we should eat & what we actually eat!

Juice PLUS+ Fruit Blend contains apples, oranges, pineapple, peaches, cranberries, papaya, acerola cherry, dates & prunes.

Juice PLUS+ Vegetable Blend contains beets, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, kale, spinach, parsley, garlic & tomato.

Juice PLUS Vineyard Blend contains concord grape, raspberry, blueberry, redcurrent, cranberry, blackcurrent, blackberry, elderberry & bilberry.

Juice Plus+ is also sold in chewable form for Children and is FREE to those children taking part in the Childrens Health Study

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