I have always loved the human body and been fascinated by how it works.  After training and working as a Biomedical Scientist in laboratories in the UK and San Diego for the last 15 years I became frustrated with helping people with their diseases, and wanted to help them with their health instead.  A challenge to raise money for the Teenage Cancer Trust by trekking the Great Wall of China gave me the push I needed to change career and use my interests in fitness and nutrition to retrain as a Personal Trainer. Since starting this new path I have become more passionate about health and nutrition than I ever thought possible and Neon Life has evolved into an online community, dedicated to helping people around the world live a life of their choosing.

there really is no better feeling than watching people make changes to their lifestyle that literally change their lives in every way that matters”

I have a passion for running, yoga and all aspects of nutrition. So far in 2014 I have completed my first half marathon and a 108 Sun Salute Challenge to raise funds for a ReWalk machine, with plans to take on more races and fully master the Ashtanga Primary Series.

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