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Your Personal Trainer in your pocket!

The Health Initiative app allows you to have your training and nutrition program at your finger tips, allowing you to work it around your individual schedule and lifestyle needs.  Build your perfect package from the table below, and get immediate access!










SBT Training Sessions


Workout Library



In-App Support

Progress Charts

Group Chat

Cost per week







Please Note! All programs are subject to a 2 week cancellation policy due to the progressive planning nature of the program.

14 Day Kickstart – Everything you need to set you up for long lasting and life changing results with proven nutrition guidelines. Reset your systems, build new habits, boost your energy and drop the bloat

Nutrition Guidelines – Calorie and macro calculation for maximum results for your personal goals

SBT Training Sessions – Targeted strength training techniques that you can do at home with none or minimal equipment for fast effective results.  Ideal for building lean muscle and boosting your fat loss hormones.  Receive new workouts each week to keep you inspired to get up and train. The ONLY way to sculpt your body.

Workout Video Library –  Each workout can be followed in real time and comes with easy to follow video tutorials for each of the exercises if needed.

In-App support – If you have any questions or get stuck, I am here to help through the real time messaging feature

Real Time Progress Charts – Track your photos and body composition stats in real time

App Integration – Connect your My Fitness Pal or Fit-Bit to the app to easily track your nutrition and stats.

Group Chat feature and FREE Facebook group – Access to a growing community full of like minded people on the same mission as you. Find fun challenges, recipe ideas and accountability buddies to help you stay focused and on track

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