4 Moves To Get The Best Out Of Your Deadlift!

4 Moves To Get The Best Out Of Your Deadlift!

The Deadlift is one of three core exercises that any strength training program should include. This one exercise can improve your posture and back pain, lift your butt, nip in your waist and along with increasing your overall strength, will leave you feeling like a confident badass. Targeting your posterior chain, you get a lot of bang for your buck with this move when done effectively. 

They’re super easy to incorporate into your program, but correct form is ESSENTIAL and it’s not an exercise you should get into without fully prepping with stretching and activation work.

The main areas that need priming are the activation and tension of the lats, activation of your whole posterior chain and good core control.  Before your next deadlift session give this routine a go to get you set up to really own those lifts. To do it, you’re going to need some resistance bands which are really cheap, and incredibly versatile. 


1. Band Deadbugs. 2 X 15

Secure a red long length band around something solid. Focus on activating your lats and anterior core to create stability as you lower your legs. 

2. Band straight arm pull down. 2 X 15

This time secure your red, long, band up high. Lock in your pelvis, activate your core, maintain a neutral spine and lock your scapulars back and down

3. Heel Rock Backs 2 x15

Maintain a neutral back and focus on pushing your hips back to feel the stretch on your hamstrings. Keep your arms straight and lock your scaps in back and down as your raise your arms.

4. Crab walk 2 X 15

For this you need a smaller looped band.  Choose the highest intensity that you can.  You want to feel the burn! Drop your hips low and keep your weight in your heels as you step against the band. This one is particularly important if you find your knees falling inwards during your squats

If you want more personal help with your deadlifts, get in touch to book a strategy session 

*Please remember we are all very different, with different movement patterns and limitations, so this is by no means prescriptive for all… But it’s a really good place to start!  If you want more personal help with your deadlifts, get in touch to book an online strategy session

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